Build vs. Buy: A Solution to the Classic Dilemma

December 17, 2015

Enterprises often face the dilemma of whether to build their own app or buy an app.   Building an app can support specific functionality without compromise, but risks a design that, over time, may not meet their evolving needs. Buying an app can leverage features that have evolved across multiple scenarios and achieve results much faster, but can also limit important and strategic initiatives by driving business processes.

BillingPlatform is changing the way enterprises operate, allowing them to leverage the best of both worlds through an easily customizable cloud app, with powerful out-of-the-box features that evolve with changing demands.

The Dynamic Cloud Platform

The platform is based on what’s called ‘metadata-driven architecture.’ This essentially means that the system’s data model is describable so that it can be infinitely extended for easy and robust configuration of business rules, workflow, reports, dashboards, rating, invoicing, APIs, formulas, and even programming.



This also means that the core platform itself can be infinitely extended so that it will never become outdated. It can always grow and be reconfigured within your specific organization without altering the platform’s core functionality.


The benefit is that you get a system that is always new and always conforms to your way of doing business on a state-of-the-art infrastructure that can leverage today’s cloud ecosystem.>


The Best of Both Worlds

BillingPlatform eliminates the classic “Build vs. Buy” argument by providing the best aspects of both options. The efficient, modern cloud delivery is ideal for optimizing cost and flexibility.


  • A dynamic framework provides tools that make it easy for any company in any industry to customize their system any way they see fit.
  • The platform supports customization by business people to solve business problems rapidly. There isn’t the traditional overhead and dependency on hardware and software, maintenance, or programming.
  • It also provides support for highly customized features with a built-in development framework that is designed to support any UI, integration, or processing need for functional scalability over time.
  • The system provides powerful out-of-the-box features that have evolved across several industries and scenarios to provide flexible and elegant support for highly diverse products, services, and business processes.
  • It runs on a modern cloud framework that allows you to deliver your solution on state-of-the-art, highly secure, high availability, infrastructure.
  • Enjoy unlimited options for high-volume, B2B, B2C, subscriptions, metered rating, invoicing, and charging with intuitive tools for managing the entire monetization lifecycle.

Billing Without Compromise

With the ability to easily support out-of-the-box functionality, the convenience of the cloud, and the flexibility to evolve to meet any future demand, BillingPlatform provides a comprehensive solution to the classic ‘Build vs. Buy’ problem. An enterprise no longer has to sacrifice important functionality or strategic initiatives; they can be easily supported through a dynamic billing system without compromise.

Author: Leonid Solomonik

With over 20 years in the software industry, and extensive experience in high capacity billing information systems Leonid Solominik is the driving force that makes billing platform the most dynamic and flexible solution on the market today. Leo is one of the original founders of Billing Platform and is committed to excellence in product development and complete customer satisfaction on a system that has a 99.999% up-time guarantee. He is an enthusiast for out-door sports, and is a world traveler with a passion for global unity and diverse cultures. He also is fluent in Russian and has a passion for everything mechanical.

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