Taking White Labeling to the Next Level

January 05, 2015

The cloud has provided companies an easy way to streamline white labeling of their offerings. Resellers are now able to utilize their wholesaler’s systems and infrastructure through the cloud to sustain their offerings so that they can focus solely on selling. This new development has allowed many technology giants to offer white labeled services. It’s easy to see why. Companies no longer need to maintain the infrastructure and invest time in producing valuable products and services; all they need are connections and then wholesalers do the rest. From the wholesaler’s point of view, white labeling has simplified as well. The cloud, and more specifically platform services, immediately connect customers to products, eliminating bottlenecks in delivery.

Platform Solutions

Platform services that offer an open integration framework and comprehensive branding capabilities make selling white labeled services smoother than ever before. Selling white labeled services has been streamlined ever further with dynamic billing systems that offer many different branding options.

How billing supports Branding

Billing can support branding on a variety of levels, including invoicing, product catalogs, UIs, dunning, and payment gateways. Invoices can now be branded with the appropriate logo, grouping, and layout for each respective brand. Products and services can be branded according to each company that they’re associated with. Users who log into an app can see branding specific to their respective organizations. Dunning flows can be brand specific on the customer end. And customer purchases can be charged through the appropriate payment gateway associated with each respective brand. The options listed above deliver a seamless interaction between customers, resellers, wholesalers, and all other users.


Supporting a system with comprehensive branding options requires tools for brand specific usage mapping and mediation, as well as the ability to configure every process at the customer level. Every piece of data must have the option to be organized by brand.

Taking White Labeling to the Next Level

These capabilities create a system that can be utilized for any branding scenario, giving everyone the most effective means to communicate throughout a large network and allowing companies to fully satisfy customer demands and sell in any way imaginable.

Dynamic branding options offered through a cloud platform enable everyone to sell more products and services. Cloud platform systems allow companies to take white labeling to the next level.

Author: Leonid Solomonik

With over 20 years in the software industry, and extensive experience in high capacity billing information systems Leonid Solominik is the driving force that makes billing platform the most dynamic and flexible solution on the market today. Leo is one of the original founders of Billing Platform and is committed to excellence in product development and complete customer satisfaction on a system that has a 99.999% up-time guarantee. He is an enthusiast for out-door sports, and is a world traveler with a passion for global unity and diverse cultures. He also is fluent in Russian and has a passion for everything mechanical.

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