Why the Digital Economy requires Highly Flexible Billing Systems

February 08, 2013

Innovation will drive the next wave of digital offerings; enterprises know that to innovate they must be flexible and fast. Reducing the time to market for new offerings and the ability to launch new services faster than the competition are now key objectives. To that end, enterprises have been discussing how the cloud can be integrated with billing in the new digital economy.

Billing in the New Economy

The digital age has created many market opportunities for industries. With the rise of technology, there is now a vast array of new ways for consumers to experience new and existing products and services. These options are increasing at an exponential rate and encompass a variety of charging models that change with each new paradigm shift. Enterprises need fast, efficient billing systems that are flexible enough to support any combination of products and services imaginable, as well as any mix of charging models.


The Unified PAAS Solution

To serve emerging markets effectively, building common standardized interfaces makes more sense, from both cost and utility perspectives. This also supports ease of integration across multiple geographies and technology platforms. PAAS billing offers these types of service providers an inherently flexible, low-cost, reliable billing solution.


Ultimately, PAAS billing transforms the very nature of billing into a value-added function. What was once a back-office, post-hoc process can now be pushed to the front of the customer experience, personalized, and even monetized. New revenue streams can be explored with less risk, new services can be rapidly deployed, and scaling with demand can control costs. 


Billing Platform Solution

The digital economy demands that companies have systems and infrastructure that are nimble and flexible enough to support ever-changing global and technology paradigms. Billing Platform allows companies to quickly adapt to each new trend in technology to support new customer demands. Virtualization has created a new reality and those who ignore it will be left behind.

Author: Nathan Shinn

Nathan Shinn, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Billing Platform, is known for his tireless work ethic and innovative vision ensuring the success of his company, clients and employees. As an engineer with over 20 years of experience in high-volume, enterprise information systems, he is closely involved in the technical evolution of the platform. Nathan earned his degree in Computer Information Systems from the Colorado State University, graduating Summa Cum Laude. In the following years, he gained a reputation as one of the industry’s leading authorities on high-volume software systems, Enterprise Billing and Cloud technology.

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