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March 08, 2019

What Is Billing Mediation & Why Does It Matter?

One of the most important steps in the billing process is mediation. Often overlooked, mediation plays a huge role in how usage data becomes customer invoices.   Historically, mediation has either been developed in house by IT resources, outsourced .

March 04, 2019

Successful Billing System Implementations Start With A Proven Methodology

Launching a new billing system is no easy feat - it’s a critical system that if poorly implemented can be a giant headache. For example, you can launch a system that’s highly customized to fit the individual preferences of one billing operator, but .

February 28, 2019

Billing Process Automation Improves Business Growth

Are business operations bogging down your finance team in manual spreadsheets? Are you looking for methods of simplifying critical billing tasks?   BillingPlatform can help. Our cloud-based billing solution offers extensive automation capabilities .

February 22, 2019

BillingPlatform Named to Constellation ShortListTM for Smart Services Digital Monetization Platforms

We are very happy to announce that BillingPlatform has again been named to the Constellation ShortList™ for Smart Services Digital Monetization Platforms for Q1 2019.   The prominence of digital transformation and subscription business models .

February 20, 2019

4 Keys to Successful Freemium Business Models

The “freemium” (“free” + “premium”) business model has grown more and more prevalent over the last decade. Initially popularized by software companies (particularly SaaS), the model creates value for both organizations and consumers within a .

February 18, 2019

Build Or Buy Your Next Billing Solution? Choose BillingPlatform for the Best of Both Worlds

Are you unsure whether to build or buy a billing management system? Do the cost savings of creating and supporting your own billing software outweigh the risks? Are you willing to conform to a new business model in order to suit a commercial billing .