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Jeff Weiss

Jeff brings his leadership experience to our Professional Services team with a background in transformative implementations of cloud applications. He has a strong focus on working with our customers to deliver state of the art solutions in a fast and agile manner. Jeff led consulting and implementation teams at Accenture and Cloud Sherpas prior to joining BillingPlatform. His experience ranges from small businesses through enterprise level Fortune 500 companies. Jeff has led teams that completed implementations in over 20 countries.

Recent Posts

August 16, 2019

Not all Service-Based Revenue Models are Created Equal: How to Optimize Your Pricing and Business Model

Figuring out your pricing model is a critical component of structuring a profitable business. For service-based businesses, in particular, implementing a pricing structure that not only covers your expenses but helps you secure a healthy profit is .

May 24, 2019

From Legacy to Leadership: 3 Culture Steps to Smooth Your Transition to Billing Improvements

Implementing new technology can be difficult in the best of situations. A solid professional services team and implementation process are critical for success. But cultural roadblocks, like the persistent refrain “that’s how we’ve always done it,” .

March 04, 2019

Successful Billing System Implementations Start With A Proven Methodology

Launching a new billing system is no easy feat - it’s a critical system that if poorly implemented can be a giant headache. For example, you can launch a system that’s highly customized to fit the individual preferences of one billing operator, but .