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Nathan Shinn

Nathan Shinn, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Billing Platform, is known for his tireless work ethic and innovative vision ensuring the success of his company, clients and employees. As an engineer with over 20 years of experience in high-volume, enterprise information systems, he is closely involved in the technical evolution of the platform. Nathan earned his degree in Computer Information Systems from the Colorado State University, graduating Summa Cum Laude. In the following years, he gained a reputation as one of the industry’s leading authorities on high-volume software systems, Enterprise Billing and Cloud technology.

Recent Posts

February 04, 2019

MachNation Talks IoT Monetization with Nathan Shinn

Recently, BillingPlatform co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Nathan Shinn, sat down with MachNation president, Steve Hilton, for a podcast discussion on Monetizing the Internet of Things (IoT). Listen to the full episode here..

April 10, 2018

Video Q&A: Is there any benefit to integrating billing with Salesforce?

    Is there any real benefit to integrating billing with Salesforce? More than you may think!     In our latest video installment, see (in less than 4 minutes) how a tight integration between billing and Salesforce means your company can accelerate .

June 15, 2017

Are you fast enough? The New Age of the Agile Economy

With the increasing advancement of modern technology, companies are finding faster and more effective ways of delivering products and services. New players are disrupting long-standing industries and forcing businesses to be more innovative and .

May 25, 2017

Four Features that Automate the Billing Process

If you have a complex billing model, your main goal is to automate as much of it as possible so that you can focus less on maintenance and operation and more on innovation and growth. When selecting a billing vendor, it’s important to keep in mind .

January 09, 2017

2017 Predictions: A Shift to Monetization Platforms

In 2016, MGI Research made a bold statement: quote-to-cash is dead. To see real improvement in salesforce productivity, customer churn, revenue leakage, and compliance, a more comprehensive approach to monetization is imperative.   Agility is .

November 11, 2016

Monetizing the Internet of Things: The Need for Agile Billing

Technology evolves at an increasingly rapid rate, fueled by advances in networks and connectivity. A global trend has emerged and is causing major disruption in almost every industry: smart devices that connect to the internet. This Internet of .