How Panera Bread Automated Manual Billing Processes

Webcast Summary

Panera Bread has quickly grown from one 400-square-foot cookie store to over 2,000 bakery-cafes and annual sales of over $5 billion. Panera offers its franchises and stores over 100 different subscription and usage-based services (e.g. self-service ordering kiosks).

So, how did Panera automate its invoicing process to reduce costs and generate franchise bills faster? That's exactly what John Davis, Senior Manager of Finance and Strategic Planning at Panera Bread, is going to share with us.

During this Webcast, you'll get the inside scoop on:

  • How Panera solved the billing challenges that come with a fast-growing franchise model
  • The billing best practices that Panera used that meant the difference between success and failure
  • Lessons learned on how to bill for new products and subscription-based services
  • John's personal do's and don'ts when implementing a centralized billing platform.

About the Speakers 

John DavisJohn Davis, Senior Manager, Finance and Strategic Planning, Panera Bread

John joined Panera Bread Company in 2016 as a Senior Manager of Finance and added strategic planning to his responsibilities in 2018. He is responsible for cultivating and managing relationships with outside partners that provide solutions in line with Panera's standards. Before joining Panera, joined spent 12 years in various financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and operational positions with increasing responsibilities.

About the Moderator

Joe FleischerJoe Fleischer, Editorial Director, Finance Channel, Argyle Executive Forum

In his role as finance channel editorial director with Argyle Executive Forum, Joe Fleischer focuses on developing virtual events on topics that reflect the primary concerns and priorities of senior finance executives. He is based in New York.